Barone & Co., Attorneys at Law, is one of Israel’s leading boutique law firms and specializes in the various aspects of commercial law with an emphasis on taxation, white collar crime, real estate, and complex commercial transactions. The firm was founded by Adv. Gilad Barone who has acquired an excellent reputation over the years as a talented lawyer in the economic, commercial and financial spheres. Adv. Barone has been the firm’s managing partner for the last 12 years and in that capacity has led the firm to a position where it is a leading boutique law office that specializes in taxation, money laundering, white collar crime, real estate, and commercial law. The firm espouses creative legal, economic and commercial analysis and the resolution of complex legal problems, a combination that assures its clients efficient, quality and professional services. The firm provides a legal answer to a wide range of matters and represents its clients before the various tax authorities and government ministries, in litigation in both civil and criminal taxation and money laundering cases, it acts in complex real estate transactions and provides representation not only in the courts but also in arbitration in the foregoing areas.